The Micro Celebrity Chaos

The micro celebrity is means the person with “self-crafted” and “self-choreographed” which could give people a taste of fame and they could gain more audience to follow them. Because it is easy to publish and created something online that everyone could be a micro celebrity through the platform like youtube. Therefore, with this development of the micro celebrity and it could exist some question within the society and we could call it an “micro celebrity chaos”.

Author Theresa stated that: “because when everyone is truely famous to 15 people, nobody will able to dismiss anyone else as obscure enough to be expendable”, which could understand as the power of these micro celebrity is hard to be ignored because it will be affect to the society when these micro celebrity shared those information. 

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On the other hands, Theresa described that: “the micro celebrity is “almost necessarily” leads people to question the different between privacy and publicity”, this means micro celebrity private life already goes in public. We can knew some of the celebrity life on the internet, these feature of private individual is wilfully go in to the public in order to  become famous. 

In conclusion, we could say the micro celebrity is a new threats or opportunities which could help people make more profit or destroy themselves, also micro celebrity is means a new responsibilities because their moves will appeared in the public. Therefore, with these question existed we could understand the chaos of micro celebrity in our life. 

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Is the filmic narrative can have an interactive role for the user?

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With the film and several digital technology develop today, we could see some of the scene are quite similar between the filmic narrative and video game, the interactive between those two media we could use the term— remediation to describe it.

In term of media forms, author Bolter explained that “remediation is our name for the strategy by which designers in one medium position their work in relationship to other media”. Which could understand as the combination between different media forms and remediation could work from two side of the media that new medium could borrow techniques from old medium, the old medium also can borrow from new one. Therefore, with the idea of the remediation, it emerged some questions that challenge those media forms. Can the filmic narrative successful combined with the video game? If so, would the film still recognised as film?

Personally say, the filmic narrative could combined with the video game. From Bolter’s idea that he thought that computer and video game are working to remediate film. And these kind of the remediation called “repurposing” in Hollywood. For example, the combination of the character and story line with video game and films like Harry Potter, James Bond films. Moreover, it also include some filmic techniques into the video games. Such as, the camera angle which in the games there will be a short linear scene to advance the game story and game information. Hence, with the example that I mentioned before, it is obviously that the film narrative successful combined with the computer and video games. 

The combination of the media forms I think it still be recognised as film and with the development of the video game that it could not without the filmic narrative because the film did support or remediate the video game in term of background story and its make the games yup to the “Hollywood style”. And the combination of the media forms could attract more people to play and watch it.  Therefore, this combination of still could be recognised as film, and even bring a strong point or ideas on the term of film.

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Net Neutrality

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Net neutrality means that the Internet should not discriminate among the type of content that pass through it. The image above is an example about net neutrality such as when you pay $29.95 on Telco, you will receive free transfer to non-peering website with full speed. simply say when these internet service provider will charge more fees for get “fast lane” or get access. Therefore, what happened if a web without net neutrality, what is the future path of the internet if we follow this model?

with development of the web, all data transmission are seems same speed. some of the telecommunications company want to change it that they want to charge fees for get a fast speed on the web and these company will get a relatively slow speed if they not pay it. hence, it will be affect our life when this thing happened. for example, when we watch the video or use internet it will load a long time, some of the information will be blocked and hard to connect with another country people, even people calling other will be affect . therefore, it could say our life can not without the net neutrality.

the future path of net neutrality model will frequently appear in our life and people will pay more money in order to access the internet easily, the government will be make relevant legislation to regulate the net neutrality.

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“Dead or Reborn”? ———photography

As the media technology developing in the recent year, many different types of media has appeared. Photography as part of the media platform has existed a long period and seem replaced by other media platforms. With this point of views, a film director Wenders stated his perspective that he think the photography is more dead than ever. Therefore, what do you think about his idea? Is the photography dead or reborn? What is the notion of reality in terms of photography?

Firstly, I disagree with Wenders’s idea that photography is “dead”. Because a photo or an image can often provide verification for the fact, such as people use the photography to record what happened in their life, police could use photo or image to solve the case. Therefore, photograph is still useful for human life.

Moreover, photo or image can tell a story. Which can reflect the society change, different cultural life style, ect. Hence, without photography, we can not know the things happened around us. The author Sontag stated her views in her book that “photography like every mass art form and is not practiced by most people as an art. It is mainly a social rite, a defense against anxiety, and a tool of power”. Which means the photography is not limited to the art work, but also, as a “tool” with power to support people. 

At the conclusion, photography as a traditional media platform that people can not without it, and did provide great convenience for our life. the case and example mentioned before clearly explain this point. Therefore, we can not say that photography is dead, it is more like a process of reborn.

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