The Micro Celebrity Chaos

The micro celebrity is means the person with “self-crafted” and “self-choreographed” which could give people a taste of fame and they could gain more audience to follow them. Because it is easy to publish and created something online that everyone could be a micro celebrity through the platform like youtube. Therefore, with this development of the micro celebrity and it could exist some question within the society and we could call it an “micro celebrity chaos”.

Author Theresa stated that: “because when everyone is truely famous to 15 people, nobody will able to dismiss anyone else as obscure enough to be expendable”, which could understand as the power of these micro celebrity is hard to be ignored because it will be affect to the society when these micro celebrity shared those information. 

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On the other hands, Theresa described that: “the micro celebrity is “almost necessarily” leads people to question the different between privacy and publicity”, this means micro celebrity private life already goes in public. We can knew some of the celebrity life on the internet, these feature of private individual is wilfully go in to the public in order to  become famous. 

In conclusion, we could say the micro celebrity is a new threats or opportunities which could help people make more profit or destroy themselves, also micro celebrity is means a new responsibilities because their moves will appeared in the public. Therefore, with these question existed we could understand the chaos of micro celebrity in our life. 

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