“Dead or Reborn”? ———photography

As the media technology developing in the recent year, many different types of media has appeared. Photography as part of the media platform has existed a long period and seem replaced by other media platforms. With this point of views, a film director Wenders stated his perspective that he think the photography is more dead than ever. Therefore, what do you think about his idea? Is the photography dead or reborn? What is the notion of reality in terms of photography?

Firstly, I disagree with Wenders’s idea that photography is “dead”. Because a photo or an image can often provide verification for the fact, such as people use the photography to record what happened in their life, police could use photo or image to solve the case. Therefore, photograph is still useful for human life.

Moreover, photo or image can tell a story. Which can reflect the society change, different cultural life style, ect. Hence, without photography, we can not know the things happened around us. The author Sontag stated her views in her book that “photography like every mass art form and is not practiced by most people as an art. It is mainly a social rite, a defense against anxiety, and a tool of power”. Which means the photography is not limited to the art work, but also, as a “tool” with power to support people. 

At the conclusion, photography as a traditional media platform that people can not without it, and did provide great convenience for our life. the case and example mentioned before clearly explain this point. Therefore, we can not say that photography is dead, it is more like a process of reborn.

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