Net Neutrality

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Net neutrality means that the Internet should not discriminate among the type of content that pass through it. The image above is an example about net neutrality such as when you pay $29.95 on Telco, you will receive free transfer to non-peering website with full speed. simply say when these internet service provider will charge more fees for get “fast lane” or get access. Therefore, what happened if a web without net neutrality, what is the future path of the internet if we follow this model?

with development of the web, all data transmission are seems same speed. some of the telecommunications company want to change it that they want to charge fees for get a fast speed on the web and these company will get a relatively slow speed if they not pay it. hence, it will be affect our life when this thing happened. for example, when we watch the video or use internet it will load a long time, some of the information will be blocked and hard to connect with another country people, even people calling other will be affect . therefore, it could say our life can not without the net neutrality.

the future path of net neutrality model will frequently appear in our life and people will pay more money in order to access the internet easily, the government will be make relevant legislation to regulate the net neutrality.

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